self tan or not to tan?

April 2, 2018

We all love sun kissed golden skin, right? Well, I do!
The summer holiday tan fades very quickly and by the time winter comes my skin gets really light. And I hate it. I look like an alien in the pictures so I try to cover up as much as I can so no one can see my light skin which looks blueish if it gets cold! I used to go to tanning shops frequently and burn myself to an orange colour but since I started working in the pharmacy and studying all about how bad tanning shops are for you and the damage you can get from it, I stopped going there. But I still want to have golden, glowy skin. So I asked a few of my friends how they keep such a nice tanned skin tone through the winter and the answer was SELF TAN!!! I did not even had a single thought about it, I knew that such a thing exists but I always thought it’s more for a one time wear like for an event or something. My friend suggested to try Vita Liberata self tanning products because it is completely non-toxic tanning brand free from parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. I love paraben free products! I gave it a try and I love it! It is so easy to apply and it does not leave any unwanted marks, covers the skin evenly. Now I can enjoy sun kissed skin throughout the year! If you are looking for a perfect self tan product, Vita Liberata is the one!


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