Goldwell to the rescue

April 15, 2018
I thought I should share my recent experience at the hair salon. Most of you who follow me on Instagram probably already saw my stories posted on Easter day sharing a terrible salon experience. I went to one of the local salons in the area where I live and asked for partial highlights. The colourist who did my hair was really nice and chatty, we looked through the photos I brought to show the desired style I want and discussed what exactly it is that I want. So I really don’t know what happened there and why she bleached all of my hair but yes instead of highlights I left the salon being a super yellow blonde. I paid quite a high amount of money but didn’t say anything because I was in shock. I left the salon and ran home, crying and laughing at the same time. I can’t explain the feeling, it was a mixture of disappointment, angriness, shock and worry. I came back home and I could not look in the mirror. Blond doesn’t suit me and it was me, standing there with completely blond hair. I wanted to go back and say I am not happy but I was so ashamed and embarrassed and also I appreciated all the work she did and the time she spent. So I didn’t go back that day. 
I woke up next morning and thought you know what, I can’t leave it like that I need to get my money back or to get my hair colour fixed. I went back but because it was a bank holiday the salon was closed. So I went to Tesco, bought some brown hair dye and dyed my hair at home. I emailed the salon and I got a reply saying they will return the money and also I can come in for a free Olaplex treatment because of course the condition of my hair is really bad now. 
At the moment I can’t dye my hair because of the damage. So I have to make sure I use good products which are designed to heal the hair and nourish it. I chose GOLDWELL Reconstruct range because these products are very good quality, contains Keratin, cleanses and nourishes stressed and damaged hair. The range consist of a shampoo, conditioner, intensive repair mask (what I need the most), blow dry spray (used it few times already and loving it), restorative balm which improves hair elasticity and prevents dryness and hair breakage, split end serum and hair perfume which smells so good! I am sure these products will take care of my damaged hair and soon I can have the highlights done! Thanks to Goldwell!


P.S. This post is not a paid advertising. 

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