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March 4, 2018
Hey all! First of all, thanks for coming and checking what’s new on my blog!

I am trying to keep you updated and post at least once a week but it is not easy knowing I have a full time job and considering recent weather conditions in London. Talking about full time job, my hours were reduced from 50 to 40 hours a week which basically gives me a Friday off. So yay, I will have more time for my blog and a blogging career.

Recently, I been feeling a little bit down. I am not the one to speak about my feelings very openly but I thought maybe if I mention it a little bit publicly I might feel better. I don’t know if I will but why not to try, they say once you let you feelings out you feel better. And if you ask me what is wrong with you girl. I don’t really have a specific answer. I don’t know what makes me feel that way. It just so hard to keep up with everything, full time job, having enough content to be able to post everyday, to grow your engagement and get support from other bloggers. Nowadays Instagram tends to be a place to show yourself, care only about the numbers and the engagement. But how about checking how others are doing? Supporting, commenting and showing you love others content too? 
People who are not into blogging think it is so easy to be a blogger and it frustrates me so much. It is not easy constantly having to think what to post next, what topic would be interesting for my readers, finding a time to create content and also, all that competition that comes along when you are a blogger. I always thought bloggers are a great, strong community supporting each other, and yes I do have really nice blogger friends who do support me even if they don’t know me personally but some of them are quite mean and I don’t understand why. Where is enough place under the sun for everyone. We should encourage each other and not to compete. One of my blogging friends recently wrote really good blog post about envy in the bloggers community, if you want to read about it head to Shelleys’ blog. Personally, I have not experience negativity/envy from other bloggers. And I hope I never will. Thanks to all my blogger friends that keep supporting me! 

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