London Fashion Week’18

February 20, 2018
Hey everyone. Since I got back from Rome I didn’t really have time to sit down and update you on what’s been happening.

Actually, not much. LOL. But as always I am super extremely busy.

As you probably know last weekend was LONDON FASHION WEEK. Every season I go there as a photographer to shoot some cool looking people but this year I went only as a blogger because I really wanted to enjoy myself and catch up with my blogger friends. Me and Gabby decided to match our outfits and we went for this seasons trend MR. Trench coat which I paired with checked trousers and some safari blouse from H&M. We looked so good together, don’t you agree?
We had few events on Saturday but most of the time we spent at the apartment. It such a cool place for bloggers to hang out and chill during the fashion week run my amazing Abisola. So most of the time on Saturday we just stayed at the Apartment, enjoyed our time catching up with other bloggers. 

In the evening we had drinks at Rosewood hotel which was hosted by the IQOS and we had the most amazing stay at this hotel. Thanks to Gabby for taking me there as her plus one! For the drinks I wore a red suit from ZARA. Super classic and good choice if you don’t really have an idea what to wear. After the drinks we ran to Five Guys to pick some food and for me it was a frist time eating at Five Guys. OMG, I can say these a the best burgers in the city! Why I have not tried it earlier in my life???

For the second day of London fashion week, well second day for me, I wore red russellandbromley sneakers which I picked up from the Apartment, paired with plain straight leg jeans and vinyl trench coat. We didn’t stay for long on Sunday because Gabby and me went to bed at like 2 in the morning and had our make up and hair done in the hotel at 7 am. So both were pretty much tired to be hanging out all day! 
I also picked up some nice earrings from The Apartment, and the packaging is absolute amazing! The brand is called aniahaie and they do amazing jewellery! 

Professional Photos by Derek and KrisAtomic from TheApartment

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