my first time…in Italy

January 31, 2018

Hello there. I am still living with a memories of Verona.

It was our first trip to Italy and I fell in love. I knew it is beautiful but I didn’t expect to be that beautiful. I am just speechless. If you have not been, believe me, you need to book a flight now! I loved it so much that we already booked a trip to Venice for my birthday. I can’t wait!
We stayed at beautiful hotel in Piazza dei Signori square in Verona. The hotel was beautiful, we had a balcony which was great for nice photos. LOL. Hotel is located in the city centre so all the nice touristy place were walkable and the most famous Juliet’s House with cute balcony was just around the corner. Verona is really tiny city, you can walk anywhere in a short time. That’s what I love about little cities. You don’t need to rush anywhere, just take your time and enjoy little streets. We did’t do much, just relaxed, walked around, went to Verona Arena which was stunning. And the weather luckily was extremely nice, it was warm and with lots of sunshine! I took two outfits with me, one of them was a skirt and over the knee boots. My plan was to wear tights even if I hate it so much but unfortunately I forgot to pack them so I was wearing a skirt without tights and I was fine so turned out I really didn’t need tights. LOL.
I am not a pizza lover, I have to admit I don’t like pizza in UK. Sorry, no offence to anyone. But omg, I loved pizza in Verona, it was so good that I couldn’t actually eat anything else even tho I am a big fan of pasta. I am regretting now I didn’t try pasta. Maybe, next time!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


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