How to nail Zara sale

January 19, 2018
 Hello there! I thought I will share my tips and tricks how to get your most wanted pieces from ZARA sale before someone else snatches them!

There are lots of nice pieces in ZARA but most of the time the garments cost so much that is worth to wait for the sale (everyone knows ZARA sale are amazing) and of course it is not easy to get the items you like in the sale. Most of the time the nicest pieces sell out even before the sale starts. Probably, most of you already know these tricks but some of course might find it useful. I hope!

So first, you have to be really dedicated to do it, it requires a lot of your time. Mostly, I do my ZARA sale shopping online so these tips are for online shopping. 
Before the sale starts, I go through the ZARA website, get myself familiar with the online store and see what pieces I would like to get with lower price. I add those pieces into my shopping basket and think of which ones I really want and how much I don’t mind spending. Once the sale starts the price of the items in your basket are automatically updated so you can check how much it went down and if you happy to pay that, hit buy button. Some items might not be reduced so I click ‘buy later’ and wait till next round. Price reductions happen every Tuesday night. So another trick is to set your alarm very early in the morning, I think around 4 am and go online to see which pieces were reduced again! But be quick, as I said nice pieces are snatched very quickly. You can always return it if you change your mind or if the item is reduced to lower price next week. 
 Most of the time, I buy the items at higher prices and once they are reduced again I re-purchase it and return the one that cost more so I don’t get disappointed that I missed out on the item I really wanted because I was waiting for the price to go down and it was sold out.
Here comes another trick, you can always go back to your purchases and click on the items to see if they are even more reduced (once you buy of course they are not in your basket anymore but it is in your purchased history which saves time trying to find the piece among other listings, it is easier and quicker to go back to ‘My purchases’).
If you really want some piece but it is sold out it is worth going online a bit more frequently a day and checking if it was restocked. It happens a lot that one or two pieces that sell out are restocked. I find that best time to check if some items that I want are restocked is on Wednesday around 7 to 9 am but it happens anytime any day. Just keep checking! And be quick to buy, another tip is to have your payment details saved so you don’t need to re-enter any details and save time. It is also very helpful to get yourself very familiar with an online store because items are normally listed in the same sequence and if something sells out and it is restocked, normally it goes in the same listing sequence as it was before. Just get to know the online store. 
For those who don’t like online shopping the best time to go for a ZARA sale hunt is early morning when the store opens which is of course obvious. 
I know the sale is almost over but I hope this was helpful and good luck hunting for your most wanted ZARA pieces! Don’t forget the main tips: check online store quite frequently because items are restocked and be quick to hit ‘buy’ button! 

All clothes are from ZARA SALE

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