DetoxChallenge with Mercari app

January 7, 2018
 Hello all and Happy New Year! I hope it will be a big one!!!

I have finished 2017 with an exciting collaboration with UGG and started 2018 with a cool collaboration with Mercari app. It was such a fun week! Basically, for one week I had to look into my wardrobe and try to get rid of as many old pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories as possible. I think I did quite a good job, I have uploaded more than 25 pieces meaning I have extra space in my wardrobe which means I can start shopping for new pieces. Also, I have sold few bits already and made more than £100 which will go towards really exciting new item on my wish list. I don’t want to talk about it right now but as soon as I get enough savings for it and buy it I will of course share my happiness with you. 
Back to the topic. I was intrigued to try this app and see how it works because it has quite good reviews and I have not heard about it before. The main reason I was very interested to try it because it is free to sell on there. It doesn’t have any listing fees or selling fees. So every penny you make is yours! And it is trustworthy! Once the buyer pays, the money is held by Mercari. When buyer receives and rates you, you rate the buyer back, and viola, the money is yours! It takes few days for the money to reach your bank account but it is normal. Another amazing thing about the app is that you can print and pay for the postage labels via app! It use Hermes services so it might be cheaper to go for your own postage but for some items, the ones that cost a bit more, it is a good choice, and it is secure! 
I am amazed how easy it is to navigate through the app and it is super easy to list items. If someone is interested or wants to send you an offer, you receive a notification and also an email. 
So get the app, start uploading and make money! Aww, and be prepared for those annoying emails asking you to reduce the price, even if the price is £10 plus free delivery, people ask you to reduce it. LOL. Maybe it would be good to have an ability to turn the offer option on the items you don’t want to reduce the price!

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