Out of the comfort zone

December 23, 2017

Vinyl trend.

Yes, when I first saw someone wearing vinyl trousers I was a bit confused. Do I like it or not? No way I thought, I didn’t see myself in one of those for sure. But seeing girls wearing it more and more often on Instagram and on the streets I thought I will give it a go! Yes, it made me go out of my comfort zone but you know what, I really like it and feel so confident in them! Starting this undiscovered world of being a blogger really gives me a massive boost of confidence and extra courage to experiment and try new styles and more unusual clothing pieces! As I mentioned before in my other blog it is okay to be different and have your own style even if someone doesn’t like it. It is not about the other people, it is about me and how I feel. I have to remind that to myself sometimes, and I believe you do too, it is okay that sometimes your friend or parter doesn’t like same things as you. And yes, my husband hates vinyl trousers. LOL. Well, I love it, and I am lucky to find my perfect pair at TOPSHOP on sale. Always a bargain hunter. These babies are even lined with some cool and soft lining to make it warm to wear in winter. I think TOPSHOP is becoming my new favourite clothing store. Thumbs up!

I paired my vinyl trousers with some cool military style boots and red cashmere blend jumper from MASSIMO DUTTI and of course my winter NO 1 shearling coat from ALLSAINTS. I hope you like this outfit as much as I do!

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