Christmas gift guide / wish list

November 29, 2017

 Hello dear readers. I hope this blog post will be fun, exciting, helpful and interesting. Ahhh, Christmas

is just in a few weeks, I can’t believe this year went so quick! Well, I get excited about Christmas like a little child. I love it so much!!! And it is not the presents that I am excited about as probably most of you think. LOL. First of all, we get four days off work, yes, some people work full time including me so having four days off at the end of the year is like a present itself. I love spending Christmas with  my family, we used to gather at grandmas’, have nice meal, open the presents and play with my cousins. Now I live here in London and my family is back in Lithuania. My husband and me normally stay here at our home in UK and spend time together. At the moment (till we have like five kids) this is our perfect Christmas, lots of food that he prepares, the movies that I choose (all year he chooses movies so we can watch HOME ALONE on Christmas day), staying in pyjamas all day and eating mandarins. Talking about presents, I love buying and gifting so much that I never have a problem choosing a gift for anyone. I decided to share some of my ideas that I think are perfect for any girl and some of them can be gifted to man in males version of course.

My husband will be reading this so I marked the items that are on my wish list with a start just incase he struggles to get me a present. Normally I tell him what I want exactly every year but this time I decided I want a surprise and I am not asking for anything. Surprise me, honey <3 Anyway, if he won’t I will get them all myself. LOL
1. Cashmere scarf We all love cashmere, don’t we?
2. Scented candle I am a big fan of Jo Malone so it is my preferable one but there are cheaper options that are nice as well (Yankee candles for example)
3. Lipstick/Lipgloss I would love to try TooFaced Melted ones!
4. Coasters Every home deserves beautiful coasters!
5. Cashmere lounge pants Just imagine lounging in those warm pants on cold winter days!
6. Sheepskin slippers No better present than sheepskin slippers! Every one will love it.
7. Earrings One of the easiest presents for girls.
8. Rituals gift set Who doesn’t love a nice shower? Rituals is a perfect treat and it comes in different gift set for everyones pocket.
9. Gisou hair oil  which is very popular among bloggers. It is on this list simple because I want my husband to see it. LOL. 
10. Card wallet There are so many beautiful ones to choose from and from various prices! Essential but very thoughtful.
11. Cashmere socks Perfect for everyone who’s cold all the time!  
12. Raffaelo Loads of chocolates for chocolate lovers. Make sure you get their favourite one. My favourite for sure is Raffaeolo! Good present if you are on the budget too.
13. Good hair oil Every girl loves good hair oil.
14. Books are always a good present for anyone just make sure you buy the genre that they are interested in.
I hope this was useful and interesting!

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