White culottes and heels

October 16, 2017

 Hello to all who will be reading my rumbling.
Finished work today and decided that I am really not bothered to go to the gym tonight but to make myself less guilty I did a little abs workout at home! Well done to myself. I have this really cool app called SWEAT, I pay monthly for the membership but it is so worth it! It has my weakly plans for all sorts of workouts and meals with recipes! I would definitely recommend it to try! It can be used at the gym or at home, some workouts include exercises that can be done at the gym only but you can just skip those and replace with alternatives.
So now I am all snuggled up on the sofa in my cozy blanket slurping some lovely green tea and thought I will share my the photos of my outfit which I worn on Sunday.
I am working very long hours this month (Monday to Saturday) so my husband (need to get used to calling him husband hahaha) convinced I need to get some fresh air and took me out for lunch in central London. I wanted to stay in bed so badly but he convinced it will be nice to have a quick stroll around in the city and grab something nice to eat. I wanted to dress up a little bit but not to much. I picked these white culottes I got last year in the ZARA sale for a ten pounds and paired it with nice and warm mohair blend cream jumper which complimented beige vest so well! I love these culottes so much but I don’t like wearing them with flat shoes I think it looks much more flattering with heels so I worn my comfy black heels from Mango. White colour always gives a little bit of fanciness to the outfit.
Sunday went very well, I enjoyed the walk in London, our meal and my loves company. London is such a pretty place. Awww, I just love it <3

Culottes ZARA
Jumper H&M
Vestcoat ZARA
Glasses GUCCI

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