Growing self-confidence

September 8, 2017

 I have never been a shy girl but also I have never had so much confidence about myself as I do now.
Confidence grows with age and experience in life, depends on who surrounds you and what influence friends and family has on you. Since I started blogging my confidence increased drastically. I still sometimes have doubts about what I wear, what I say or the way I am acting around the certain people but I think it’s not bad to be a little bit self conscious. It helps us to improve and to achieve goals in life. We are not perfect, we all have our flaws which makes us who we are. Being self conscious about who I am helps me to be a better person, grow and become more confident. Also, if we would be more honest to each other, we would have better relationships and it would be easier to built self confidence. Not everyone is happy to hear the truth but sometimes the truth opens our eyes and helps us to change in a better self which leads to being more confident about ourselves.
 I can be only thankful if someone highlights the bad habits of mine so I could change it if it makes me better person which I can trust. Confidence is a powerful gun in our lives which helps to achieve anything so if we can help each other to do so why not to? Tell a friend, colleague, husband or a wife, neighbour or a even a postman a nice kind word about them, encourage them in what they are doing and don’t forget to be honest.  

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