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September 21, 2017

 Hi there. I feel like I have to say this.
I been talking to few of my girlfriends and then I read about it a few times online. Arguments about style, fashion and trends. You might not like my style and the way I dress but it is okay because I might not like your style and the choice of your outfit. But it is okay too because we all are so different, we have different facial and body features, different mind and opinion so why would our style and clothes be the same? I heard once from a friend, she said I could not wear your outfit. I asked what is wrong with it? She answered that it draws peoples attention. But why would you want to be the same like other 7 billion people on our planet? Be different, experiment and try new things, we live only once! Unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jeans, hoodie and sneakers. It is your choice.
 My friend said she likes the old fashioned dresses but can’t wear it because she’s worried what others will think about her. But it is okay to be different and it doesn’t matter what other people think if they are not important in your life. It shouldn’t be.

 I always been a girl who likes attention and I never really cared much about what others think but sometimes I have my moments and I have to remind myself not to care. I don’t want to make my life too difficult. It is too short to worry about unnecessary things like strangers opinion.
I don’t know if I can say I have a style or if I do, I don’t know how would I describe it because I like all sorts of different things. And not always what’s on trend. I pick and choose, and if I don’t like what’s trending at the time I just don’t wear it but it doesn’t mean I am not stylish. My good friend said to me other day ‘how could you wear these horrible gym trousers in town, I will never understand this fashion’. That is a thing, there are no rules written on what an individual must wear and if you want to be stylish it doesn’t mean you have to buy what is in fashion now. Style is not about the trends.
 I wear the clothes that I like, that look good on me and make me feel good. Nowadays you can wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you like sweatpants but also you are the heels kinda girl, wear them together just make sure you style it right! For inspirations I always check ‘Pinterest’ and follow my lovely fashionistas on ‘Instagram’. It has so many nice outfit ideas which inspires me to experiment and helps to discover my own style.
 If you ever have a doubt just look for inspiration and never be afraid to experiment, life is too short to wear boring clothing! 

Shirt ZARA
Jacket ZARA
Shoes ZARA
Sunnies ZARA

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  1. Tavo toks superinis stiliukas, nu negaliu!


  2. Aciu, brangusis! Lepini ir lepini komplimentais! <3

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