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August 7, 2017

Had such a lovely weekend! You can tell from my smile actually.

Met my friend Gabriele and as always when we see each other time just flies by. Done some shopping, took loads of really nice photos which we will be sharing on our blogs and Instagram, ate some nice food and of course chatted for hours.

I really enjoy blogging now, it is nice to show you nice outfits like this one! I love everything about it. So cute and girly. Sometimes I like to be very girly and sometimes I turn into the boss lady which wears all black aggressive outfit which sends the messages ‘Don’t mess with me’. I actually need logo t-shirt with this message across the chest to wear on those bad mood days! Sorry for being rude. Hahaha.
Back to my outfit, I was wearing this nicely fitted pinafore dress which was much longer then I bought it but because I like customising clothes I just cut it myself to the length I prefer more. I paired it with this bardot blouse and some plain crispy white sneakers and of course the straw bag. The pop of pink colour just did so right with this outfit! 

Please don’t forget to check out Gabby’s awesome Blog with loads of cool outfit posts www.gabrielegz.com

Pinafore denim dress H&M

Sneakers GUCCI
Sunglasses GUCCI
Basket bag borrowed from Gabriele

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