Summer vibes

August 9, 2017

 Hello there!
I am more of the trousers girl but when it comes to holidays I pack only dresses!
My favourite store for summer dresses must be H&M. Look at this floral beauty.. I wish summer would continue for another few months so I could wear it more. But sadly it looks like summer is already gone here in UK and soon I will be packing my summer wardrobe away. I sort my wardrobe at the end of August. Pack the most loved items for next summer or unexpected mid winter getaway to Thailand (I wish) and pack other half to sell or to give away for charity. I don’t like keeping too much stuff so I tried to get rid of majority clothes and have space for the new season’s trends. This dress definitely could stay in my wardrobe forever, the piece that can be worn every summer in the city or on holiday by the beach!

 That’s another beautiful dress from H&M. I just love their dresses so much!
I don’t know if you have noticed before but I had this tattoo on my shoulder for years. I really wanted it, and I knew 100% what I want. I love it but it is not done the way I imagined so I am a bit upset I did’t explain better to the guy doing the tattoo what I want but well I have it and have to accept it as it is. I am thinking of getting one or two more, I am kind of sure of the type I want I just need to decide where it’s going to go on my body! Give me your suggestions maybe it will inspire me.:)

Dresses H&M
Shoes ZARA
Sunglasses GUCCI
Earrings DIOR

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  1. Koks nerealus tavo blogas! Visi outfitai ir nuotraukos tiesiog pasakiški! ❤️

  2. Gabriele G says:

    Loveeee those dresses on you! <3

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