Slip dress or Nightdress?

August 6, 2017

  I think I found my dream Slip dress.
It’s from H&M and it’s on sale! Such a nice piece that goes nicely with plain sneakers and cardigan for a casual daytime look and if you like to dress it up you just need to add heels! So versatile piece to have in the closet. I think every girl should have at least one nice slip dress. I want to have them in all possible colours! I think it is going to be my main to go outfit. Especially with this cardigan. Comfy and plain yet very stylish and chic. Talking about the cardigan, I love some fluffy longish cardigan and if it contains mohair, it’s just a big yes from me! I decided to get one from Acne Studios which I wanted for ages. I ordered it with big excitement and was so disappointed when it came. So not worth the money, at all. Yes, it does look nice and it feels nice but it is just overpriced so badly. I returned it and went on the mission to find something similar but nicer quality and cheaper! And as I say, Thanks to Fashion Gods for Selected Femme! I found this beautiful cardigan which I love so much and I am so in love that I am thinking of getting it in another colour so I have more styling options in autumn with different colour palette outfits.

Slip dress H&M

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