Month of melancholy

August 30, 2017

Hello my dear readers! Tomorrow is the last day of August, that means the end of summer.

I am quite excited because I love autumn and its’ golden colours and also it means we are getting closer to Christmas, my favourite time of the year! I love autumn a lot, for me it is very romantic month. Love the  evening walks with a warm Starbucks Chai Tea in my hand at the Hyde park when it’s covered in colourful leaves. I get excited about buying and wearing all the cozy, chunky knitted cardigans and jumpers, love those dark rainy evenings in the warm bed with a cup of hot chocolate surrounded by loads of candles. But where’s one thing, September always brings me a strange sad feeling. Melancholy. I feel sad without no reason. It doesn’t last long but it always happens in the first week of September. And the English weather doesn’t help at all. One day it is sunny and might bring my mood up but the others are rainy and I just want to snuggle in my bed with loads of chocolate and girly movies. I guess that’s why it is called a transition season which affects not only the weather but also my mood.

Jumper ZARA
Jeans ZARA 
Sunglasses ZARA
Thanks to my darling friend GABBY for these beautiful photos <3

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