Love/hate relationship with ZARA

August 1, 2017

 Why is where such a shop like ZARA? It’s killing me,
every new season I promise not to go there and not to buy anything from ZARA anymore. And yes, I end up spending all my earnings there at the end of the month. What month, every week. Hahaha. If I show you my gmail account…. Emails from ZARA with shipment and tracking info, one after another. Probably the only emails I get. It’s ridiculous. I am ridiculous. I NEED to STOP buying from ZARA. That’s it, I am setting up new goal for myself. I am not good with goals I better say now. Maybe I will be better if I say it out loud. Or maybe I wait till New Year when I will be making my Nw Year’s resolutions. Yes, I wait and spend, spend, spend as much as I can coz oh, ZARA, I just love you. Hahaha.

Shirt ZARA
Jeans ZARA
Shoes ZARA

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