Keep calm and paint your nails with ROXANNE CAMPBELL

August 24, 2017
Pretty nails have always been my thing. Since school.

As far as I remember. All my friends, family and neighbours knew that they can come to me to have nails done. I actually copied my cousin who was so good at doing nails. I can say I learned it from her. And I am talking about whole next level nail art! Oh I wish for those days to come back when I had so much time on my hands to sit there for few hours and do some cool stuff to nails. Now working full time, taking photos, writing a blog, catching up with friends and family, looking after the house and in general trying to survive my hectic lifestyle I sometimes don’t have time to even paint my nails a single colour! I try to do it at least once a week and pray for the nail varnish to last till the next week. So I am always excited to try new nail varnish brands and see how good they are and if they can last me at least 5 days.

When I received Roxanne’s email I was over the moon! She is such a start! Roxanne is a lead Manicurist in London, she’s been working with amazing brands like Christopher Kane, Acne, Sophy Webster. Roxanne even created beautiful nails for singer Adele! This crafty lady created her own luxury nail lacquer line which is cruelty free, free from formaldehyde, toluene, camphor. Nail lacquers come in very trendy colours, last long and good to go with only one coat! I think these nail varnishes are the game changes for me. I tried grey (stormy weather) and dark red (expensive taste) already and I can say I am inlove with it! These shades are so perfect for upcoming autumn. I am getting very excited now. I hope you too, my dear readers!

You can check and order Roxanne Campbell Nail Varnish on here 

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