Peggy Porschen cakes…Bloggers dream place

July 25, 2017

Oh yes, it’s one of the most instagrammable places in London! Peggy Porschen cake place is so beautiful and welcoming. If you are in London you must pay a visit to have a cake and of course take a picture at this gorgeous place but don’t be surprised if you see lots of other people there taking photos of themselves or a nice set up on the table.

Yep, most visited place by the bloggers! And of course we take hundred of photos. Hahaha. 

 Planned my trip to this gorgeous place for ages till I finally got a good reason to go! I haven’t seen my blogger friend Vaida for a while so we decided to spare few hours in the morning last Saturday for each other and catch up! It was lovely meeting her as always. Had a good time surrounded by fabulous blooms of roses and eating delicious cakes. With the weather being so upsetting in England (as usual) this pink interior with flowers lifted the mood and helped to enjoy summer for at least few minutes while eating the cake. Until it started raining and I got back home soaking wet because of course I didn’t take my umbrella. Need to learn this lesson. No matter how sunny is in the morning, if weather forecast says it will rain it means it WILL DEFINITELY RAIN. Thanks to English weather. 

T-shirt ZARA
Jeans ZARA 
Waistcoat ZARA
Glasses EBAY 

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