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Give me some Lemons
Oh yes, it's one of the most instagrammable places in London! Peggy Porschen cake place is so beautiful and welcoming. If you are in...
Peggy Porschen cakes...Bloggers dream place
Nothing to wear
 How many times have you opened the closet, gone trough tons of clothes and said I HAVE NOTING TO WEAR?! Yes, it does happen to all of us ...
Yes, I am talking about these dream come true earrings. Tassel earrings are on trend right now and there are loads of different desig...
Blue tassel dream
Dream Chloe dress
 Only joking :) This beautiful dress is from Zara. Yes to my favourite fast fashion retail. And omg, it was
 I don't know how about you but a trench coat has a really special place in my wardrobe.
MR Highness Trench Coat
Breathing Summer
Hi everyone! And here I am,  inspired, motivated  and pushed by my dear friend Gabriele creating my first, very new little blog, ...
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